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I am passionate about singing and am honored to perform in front of amazing audiences. It is pure joy to see that my singing, humor, and “bit of Irish brogue“ are so well received here in the United States. I feel an incredibly satisfying and true sense of belonging here.

I’m excited about my shows and will be adding some new, original songs to the website for your feedback. I hope you will join my Facebook page and sign up for my performance updates.

When I’m not on stage, I am usually chilling out at the pool with a beer in hand or playing with gusto on the golf course. (I think I’m great with the ball and clubs, but I may someday have to come to the conclusion that really, I’m not.)

There’s no better feeling than having the support of my friends and family both here in the U.S. and back in my native Ireland. My weekly FB Live Vlogs are a fantastic, intimate way to keep in close contact with everyone. I welcome you to join me and check in to see what’s new and what’s next on the horizon. 

One thing’s for sure…It’s gonna be Singsational! 

Patrick Mahoney

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