For me, it’s all about using my intuition and feeling the energy within the room, venue, or event. Innately knowing what will essentially enhance that energy and using my suitable interactive talents has made me a successful emcee at many events throughout the world.

I look forward to working more events here in the United States. I'm excited to incorporate my comedy, stories, and relevant performing styles to your event.


  • I care about your event.
  • I am always on time.
  • I arrive wearing the correct attire.
  • I present a professional, rehearsed approach.
  • I give a clean, well understood verbal delivery.
  • I have a clear, unique, and entertaining Irish accent. 
  • I can add comedy if you’d like.
  • I can tell suitable (funny) stories or personal experiences at any event.
  • I achieve audience participation with ease.
  • I’m happy to perform (sing) suitable songs at an interlude or simply to add to the experience of the event.